Our Story

All the major industries that supply farm operations have undergone significant transformations to maintain economies of scale. It’s an environment of new partnerships and relationships for vendors, suppliers and equipment manufacturers to manage risk, consolidate resources and remain competitive. Broadacre was founded in August 2010 to provide growers with the opportunity to build a successful future within this environment. By joining the Broadacre Team, growers can expand their operations by accessing capital, risk management, security and technology resources, as well as professional services such as human resources, marketing and business management.

Broadacre Agriculture Inc. Highlights:

  • Established in August 2010 with first seeding season in 2011
  • Encompasses more than 70,000 acres of operations
  • Operates in Saskatchewan, with plans to expand into Alberta and Manitoba
  • Owned and rented farmland
  • Crops planted include canola, chickpeas, yellow peas, lentils and wheat

Our Mission

To become the preeminent farm operator in Canada by utilizing best farm practices to ensure long-term sustainability of our resources and best business practices to deliver a sustainable return to our investors.

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